The BC Bottle Depot Association (BCBDA) is a non-profit voluntary membership based organization founded by depot operators that represents the interests of member bottle depots in British Columbia. The Association was incorporated under the Society Act of BC on January 6, 1997.

The BCBDA is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of twelve (12) board members. These twelve board members represent regions across the province or are Directors at large: six (6) Regional Directors, (5) Directors at Large and the Past Chair. The Chair, Chair-Elect and Secretary/Treasurer are elected by the Board at the first board meeting following the Annual General Meeting. The Board of Directors meet quarterly or more often if necessary to deal with the business of the Association. An Annual General Meeting is held, with all elections being done at that time.

In 2001, an Executive Director was hired to be the Chief Operating Officer of the Association. The Executive Director reports to the entire Board. As part of he/she's responsibilities, he/she acts as liaison with government and industry partners and ensures communication is maintained with the BCBDA members and the board of directors.

The BCBDA membership is held in the name of the depot with an authorized representative appointed from the depot that shall have voting privileges while the depot remains in good standing. An Associate or Honorary membership does not have voting privileges. An application for membership is reviewed by the board of directors and if approved goes to the membership at an AGM for final approval into the general membership.

Funding for the Association is done through Membership Fees calculated by depot volume. The Association represents its members as a whole in any negotiations that are required on behalf of the bottle depots. Such examples of this are handling fees, proposals, discussions with government, etc. In some cases the BCBDA will represent a member individually as well. Being a member of the Association ensures that you are represented in a positive manner by knowledgeable people.

The Association has two websites. The main site, is mainly for general and membership information while is designed for the public to assist them in for locating depots across the province of BC and provides a list of what each depot accepts for recycling. also provides information on depot sales.

If you require any further information please contact the Association office at (604) 930-0003 or by email at

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