This video shows how most deposit programs works. However BC is the exception because in BC retail stores limit their returns to 24 containers per person per day and instead independent bottle depots operators are licensed to accept unlimited container returns. Agencies called stewards that represent brand owners / producers are allowed to create and operate their own recycling programs without an independent governing body to monitor them. Stewards are allowed to determine how to fund their programs and how to use the consumer paid eco fees. The government does not handle or determine how to use the eco fee money collected form consumers. Some Stewards have applied non refundable Container Recycling Fees (CRF's) in addition to deposits, other stewards have structured funding methods that include non refundable fees allowing the producer to completely avoid paying any of the costs of their programs.

Last year in BC consumers paid over 400 million dollars in eco fees to the Stewards of BC's Recycling programs. Not only have producers avoided paying their share for their recycling programs, but through their agents they are currently holding over 100 million dollars in consumer paid eco fees in slush funds while service providers like bottle and recycling depots are being underpaid.

The BC Bottle and Recycling Depot Association has been asking government to step in and protect consumer and taxpayer interests by establishing an independent  Recycling Management Board but we need your support.