MISSION STATEMENT The Mission of the BC Bottle Depot Association is to advance the best interests of our members and promote sustainable recycling programs that support a healthy environment and benefit the public and our communities.

VISION STATEMENT As members of the British Columbia Bottle Depot Association we believe that our first responsibility is to the general public, the government, and ourselves, to provide full refund service wherever possible to all our customers while maintaining the highest quality of service possible. We must constantly strive to improve service while making a reasonable profit for our efforts. Our second responsibility is to our staff. Our staff must feel a sense of security in their jobs, wages must be fair and adequate, management must be fair and just, hours reasonable, and working conditions clean and orderly. Each person must be considered an individual standing on his/her own dignity and merit. Our third responsibility is to each other as member depot owners. We must compete for our fair share of the market while respecting the rights and territories of other depots. Our fourth responsibility is to the communities in which we live. We must be a good citizen, support local groups and charities, and bear our fair share of taxes. We must maintain good order with the property we are privileged to own or use and participate in promoting civic improvements and, above all, acquaint the community with our activities. Our fifth responsibility is to the corporate stakeholders with whom we deal and ship our product to, by striving constantly to lessen mistakes and fulfilling our mandate to provide good and honest service on their behalf. We pledge our determination to fulfill these obligations to the best of our ability.

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