The membership of the BC Bottle Depot Association, one of BC’s longest operating and internationally recognized recycling associations has voted unanimously to expand the name of the BC Bottle Depot Association to the new name of The BC Bottle and Recycling Depot Association (BCBRDA).

This change comes as bottle depots expand and new and existing recycling operations respond to demand to provide consumer drop off locations for an increasing list of recyclable materials captured under Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs.  A total of 25 recycling and take back programs will operate in BC over the next few years. For a list of EPR programs operating in BC visit the  website.

In addition to the name change the membership also voted unanimously in favor of changes to the structure of the Board of Directors to allow voting rights for Associate Members and the creation of one Associate Member Director at Large seat on the BCBRDA Board of Directors. It is anticipated that an annual review of the membership composition may initiate additional changes to the BCBRDA structure as both bottle depots and non bottle recycling depots move toward the same activities.

The Membership of the BC Bottle and Recycling Depot Association unanimously voted in current Associate member Urban Ore of Berkeley California as the First Associate Member Director at Large.

The BC Bottle and Recycling Depot Association (BCBRDA) is inviting all recycling (including reuse) depots to apply for membership. Membership Applic